-Handles / Thai pads / shields

fabricada totalmente en piel natural18cmm de dimetro.3cm de grosor.La manopla tiene un rebaje concavo en toda la superficie para ofrecer un golpeo preciso.Ligeras y compodas.Notaras que nollevas nada en las manos.Manoplas fabricadas para los mas exigentes en cuanto a calidad, confort y duracion.
Protectores de low kick
PRECIO DE LA PAREJA-Proteje los muslos de los impactos de low kicks.-Consigue mayor precisión en las patasa bajas.
Raquetas Boxeo
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-Handles / Thai pads / shields

Boxing Rackets

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COUPLE PRICE -Essential to improve speed and reflexes. -Filling hard and firm. -Long-lasting tight-fitting poly leather.
COUPLE PRICE !! MEASURES: 36x20x7cm -Pre-curved cloths made of semi-leather with an inner nylon coating. -We add 2 layers of Eva foam padding enderley (the most resistant on the market) obtaining hard and resistant cloths for the most demanding workouts. -7cm of total thickness, obtaining a rigid and resistant core -Double velcro closure with...
COUPLE PRICE !! MEASURES: 36x20x9cm -Pre-curved cloths for better precision. -Made of high quality leather. -Reinforcement pad for the forearm -Reinforcement bolts for a better adjustment of the velcro. -Padding of 4 densities to prevent it from softening. -Double-thickness leather side for better grip. -Velcro straps for quick and precise adjustment.
MEASURES 56x37x12 -Pre-curved shield for greater precision. -Filling with 3 high-density foams. -Total shock absorption. -Triple grip on the back. -Extra upper grip. -Extra straps for better support and comfort. -Very resistant seams.
COUPLE PRICE MEASURES 33x21x7 cm -Made entirely of natural leather. -7 cm multilayer inner padding with Enderley Eva foam core (the most resistant on the market). -Complete back reinforcement of soft foam rubber so that the impacts are absorbed and not transferred to the forearm. -To perform fist, leg, elbow and knee speed work with the comfort of...
Measurements: 20cm long x 20cm (widest part -Made entirely of high quality leather. -Curved shape. -Total protection of the hand to avoid blows to the fingers. -Ventilation grilles for greater comfort and breathability. -Lightweight and comfortable -Milf for protection of the forearm.
Mittens made of natural leather. 20 cm long and only 3 cm thick ultralight and comfortable, as if you would not wear anything Ventilation with total front and rear. padded relief for precision adjustment comfortable and precise back adjustment strap
made entirely of natural leather 18cmm in diameter. 3cm thick. The mitt is recessed for precise hitting. Light and complex. You will notice that you are not carrying anything in your hands. Mittens manufactured for the most demanding in terms of quality, comfort and durability.

Thai Anong Paos

-Measures: 36x20x9cm COUPLE PRICE -Made of leather throughout its structure with a nylon lamination. -Straight shape. -Made under a single layer of Eva foam enderley (the most resistant on the market). -No middle layers !! a single layer of great resistance to impacts. -9cm thick lined with leather and with a leather cord closure. -Extra protection...

Ceiling bracket

MEASURES 35diam x 12 cm weight 1.8kg -Governor made of synthetic leather with inner nylon lamination. -Sewn and riveted leather inserts. -Inner core of three layers of Eva enderley foam padding, giving an incredible response to blows, remaining non-deformable and resistant. -Filling with fluff from towel textile, obtaining an optimal result when...
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